Welcome to swedishrockgarden.com

My name is Christian and I live in the most southern part of Sweden, where I have been growing alpines, succulents and other rock garden plants for several years back. I created this site as a platform mainly to share pictures of my plants with other rock garden enthusiasts. Hopefully in the near future I will also offer an exciting and expanding list of rock garden plants for sale, including a classic selection as well as more rare and unusual offers.

In terms of climate South Sweden offers quite a challenge to the rock gardener. Although pleasantly mild, being equivalent to USDA Zone 7, we have a maritime climate and experience long, cold, dark and wet winters with very little snowfall.

In winter the bare frozen ground is generally being swept by ice cold winds and the temperature may fluctuate quite heavily around both sides of the freezing point only in one day. The two main categories of plants that I grow, alpines and succulents, spend most of the winters in their natural environment either under an isolating and protecting snow cover or in dryish soil, and South Sweden naturally lack both.

In spite of these unfavourable conditions a surprisingly large variety of plants cope and adapt, which encourages me to constantly push the boundaries for what is possible to grow or not and to keep introducing more exciting plants to my collections.

I no longer update my plantlist as I have discontinued online sales for now, but I welcome visitors to my little plantschool where I sell many interesting plants. Please contact me if you want to visit.

If you want to contact me please send mail to: